Rainbow Crisps

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Rainbow Crisps are a unique treat made of freeze-dried Skittles, providing a crunchy and sweet snacking experience. Each bag contains a mix of vibrant colors and flavors, sure to put a smile on any face. Enjoy this fun treat as a tasty snack or a special reward!

Sour Rainbow Crisps are made by us using plain skittles and flavored with different jello powders and citric acid! We even make some SUPER SOUR ones...so if you wanna really pucker, let us know!

Packaging may vary. Samples are approximately .7oz, Med is approximately 2.3 oz, and Large is approximately 4oz, Extra large is approximately 6.5oz.

  • Shipping may take up to 3-5 weeks
  • Please excuse...we like to reuse! All packaging has been reused or recycled.
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